This page is for all the sites I like to view that are all about Ballroom Dancing.  The pages either show clips on the dances or how the name of the steps or about the dance itself.




 Some of the photos I have worked on this semester.

About Me

A little more about me.

This an interview I did with another photographer in the Landscaping field.


This page contains things about me and my interests.

Personal Slide Show

One of the slide shows I completed for my business class.

This is my Deal

This is my blog for my business photography class.  I will be using thins off and on and even after i graduate.  I am a current student at University of Central Missouri.  My major is Broadcast Media and my minor is in Photography.  I do have a my space page it is part of my links and it is more my personal blog than this will be.  So until my next post have fun looking at my blog.